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Tackling disruptive behaviour

Situation: A senior manager in a critical role within a global organisation was exhibiting disruptive and negative behaviour and was seen by others as a blocker for effective development of the business


Coaching Support: Confidential one to one coaching sessions identified the root cause of the behavioural issues as a breakdown in trust between the senior manager and his boss due to an unresolved issue. Coaching support enabled the individual to acknowledge the facts rather than the emotions and to find the confidence to take more control of the situation. In addition as the sessions progressed, the coach helped the individual to acknowledge a number of personal issues and behavioural traits that were having a negative impact on the situation. The coach helped the senior manager to instigate a plan of behavioural change activities whilst providing tools to assist in rebuilding the relationship with his boss and colleagues.


Outcome: Within a few coaching sessions the individual’s self-awareness was significantly raised and the situation improved. The focus was placed on their work rather than on the perceived problems. Relationships improved noticeably and the individual benefitted from ongoing access to a trusted coach who could provide constructive and valuable feedback and enable him to move forward positively.

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Tackling disruptive behaviour
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