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Transferring it Like Beckham: Why the UK Economy Could Be on the Cusp of Something Big
11:26 am , 2015-02-24 0
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  Much has been written about transferable skills over recent years.  This coverage has tended to focus on high profile individuals who have moved from one industry to do something seemingly completely different.  One current example all over the media has been Frank Leboeuf.  Since retiring as a footballer he has taken up acting (recently […]

Investment in Workplace Development to be Key in the Oil and Gas Industry Over the Coming Years
4:30 pm , 2015-02-16 0

A recent study called ‘Fuelling the next generation’ commissioned by Oil and Gas UK (an industry body for the UK Oil and Gas sector), Opito (a Skills and safety body) and BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) has estimated that jobs within the sector could fall from 375,000 to 340,000 by 2019. Some of […]

1 Month into 2015: Here Are Our Top 10 Workplace Trends
11:19 am , 2015-02-03 0

With the first month of 2015 already at an end we take a brief look at some of the emerging trends, which are set to be the main feature of the 2015 workplace. 1. Multi-generational workplaces With four generations (generation X, millennials, baby boomers and the traditionalist) now making up the current workforce, businesses need […]

11:24 am , 2014-08-13 0

Just the word ‘redundancy’ is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most working people, and none more than an HR manager. With its negative connotations, it’s not a word anyone wants to hear. Who wants to feel ‘redundant’, after all?  Most HR Managers will stress that it’s the position and not the person […]

Our Forecast of the Top 5 Transition Trends for 2014
3:34 pm , 2014-01-14 0

We draw on our experience and insights of working closely with over 20,000 job seekers in the last twelve months to highlight some of the challenges and developments we believe organisations will be facing in 2014. 1. Job Market Improvements As suggested by a recent survey by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCO) the job […]

Changes for the Good, Part 2
12:01 pm , 2013-11-19 0

Part 2 – Changes for the Better? Change often conjures up negative connotations, but it shouldn’t just be associated with the sometimes difficult experiences and challenges faced collectively by organisations, their senior management team and workforce. The changes that prompt business leaders and HR professionals to seek external transition support are typically organisational and are […]

1:41 pm , 2013-11-05 0
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In a new series of articles surrounding change, Working Transitions Chief Executive, Lynne Hardman, looks at the reasons why change should be embraced rather than feared. Part 1.  Engage Everyone and Face Down the Fear We’ve all heard it: ‘I don’t like change.’ ‘What’s going to happen to us?’ ‘This is not good news.’ The […]

5:02 pm , 2013-01-24 0
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Change v. Transition Welcome to the first blog post from Working Transitions.  We’ve been in business for 20 years now, helping organisations to manage change and transition with the least possible pain. Change is something that most organisations and individuals find challenging, and understandably so.  Introducing change means that something (or, sometimes, almost everything) about […]