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For people to thrive at work, organisational and individual goals and values must be aligned.  However, in a world of continuous organisational change and challenge, it is inevitable that there are times when this is perceived not to be the case, leading to anxiety, distraction, risk and a failure to realise goals or full potential. 
Through our powerful career transition, coaching, and learning solutions we enable leaders at all levels to be effective at times of uncertainty and change, support employees to take ownership of their careers and help people to leave organisations with confidence, fully equipped to embrace new opportunities. The resulting impact on the organisation can be transformative.

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People Director, Swinton Insurance

"The key benefits were the immediate professionalism, dedication and confidence that Working Transitions bought to the situation. They are experts in what they do.

People often feel that change is being 'done' to them – therefore being supported by someone within their organisation can feel too 'close' and can prevent them from opening up. Being able to take a step back and get support from an independent third-party can help people to understand that this is not personal - it happens to people across lots of companies and a successful outcome is possible."

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Our 200 strong expert team has over 27 years of experience, delivering a range of supportive and relevant services with an approach that is compassionate yet grounded in practical reality. Although we have powerful and innovative technology to underpin and enhance our services, focusing on the power of human connection is always at the heart of our approach. 
In a world of often exaggerated claims, where ROI and value can be difficult to assess, we are proud that 98.3% of our clients say they would recommend us to others and that the feedback from our participants is consistently and overwhelmingly positive. 
As members of the Career Partners International Network, we can assure you of the same high-quality services wherever you are in the world.


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