coaching for senior leaders

Long serving management team experiencing organisational change


Large public sector organisation undergoing extended change programme affecting over 2000 people across c50 geographically dispersed locations. Many long serving business unit and regional leaders were personally impacted and some faced a long period of uncertainty during a re-tendering process involving a potential transfer to a new private sector employer. Throughout this period there was also increased focus on meeting challenging service delivery targets and maintaining staff morale.

Coaching Support:

A series of individual coaching sessions was provided for all business leaders impacted. These sessions helped individuals come to terms with their personal situation and understand the aspects that were in their control. Participants were also able to begin to plan for potential future scenarios and explore the choices and options available to them which significantly increased confidence and morale. Coaching support provided leaders with an outlet for confidential conversations about the daily operational challenges they were facing and gain practical advice and guidance. A one day bespoke event for 120 managers impacted by the change was also delivered which provided peer support in a highly motivational and positive way.


Leaders reported that they felt much better equipped to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity whilst maintaining productivity. Many reported feeling more positive about their own career prospects, irrespective of the outcome of the re-tendering process and this enabled them to be more effective on a day to day basis rather than becoming distracted and unproductive.


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