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Prior to appointment of new HRD, organisation had received executive outplacement services from Working Transitions and was so impressed by the quality of the coaching they received, they decided to request additional Onboarding support.


Prior to his appointment Mike* had received executive outplacement services from Working Transitions and was so impressed by the quality of the coaching he received, that he decided to request additional Onboarding support to help him in his new role.



The new role was larger in scope than his previous role and also in a different industry sector. He was required to travel extensively which he was concerned would place an added burden on his work-life balance.  In addition, the business, which had been family owned for most of its history, had recently been bought by new private equity owners so Mike was faced with steering the organisation through a significant period of cultural change.

Using our proprietary "Launch" Onboarding coaching process as a basis for a tailored support programme, Mike was able to plan effective meetings with his Coach.



Mike’s coach helped him to quickly assess the business priorities and those within his own team. She helped him to plan and prioritise effectively during a period of intense business activity and personal transition, as well as helping him to cope with some challenging and disruptive behaviour from some business leaders. She provided a sounding board and enabled Mike to gain perspective and clarity when he felt overwhelmed at times.

During his first few months Mike made significant progress in building strong collaborative partnerships with all key stakeholders. As a result of the Onboarding support, Mike was able to adapt quickly to the increased demands of his new role, the new culture and work in a more structured and progressive manner.

During more challenging periods his coach helped Mike to increase his self-awareness and confidence, which he confirmed had enabled him to identify solutions more quickly than he would have done without support.  As a result, he was able to begin making a tangible contribution to achieving company goals much more rapidly than the organisation had expected. This was noted by his boss during his early appraisals and Mike found the Onboarding support so helpful in accelerating his productivity and increasing his confidence that he subsequently engaged Working Transitions to provide Onboarding support for each new senior hire within the organisation.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality


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