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How Much Does Outplacement Cost?

In today’s business environment, change is inevitable. And change can result in some tough choices. Redundancy is a word that people often fear – it can be a challenging and emotive time – for the organisation and, most importantly, for affected individuals.

When forced to make redundancies to cut costs, investing in outplacement support can feel at odds with the organisational objective. However, the right support delivers benefits that far surpass the financial outlay. A well-structured outplacement programme can quickly deliver benefits to a large number of employees – regardless of geographical location - at a relatively low cost.
Our range of Outplacement solutions are designed to offer maximum flexibility and support. Tailored to individual needs, requirements and objectives, programmes can be selected based on each participant’s desired outcome, length of service or seniority.
Our range of Services include:
Forward Momentum - Access to PowerMyCareer™ with optional remote coaching support. Ideal for offering support on a budget.
Prices start from £100 per person
Flexible Support Programme - A popular and cost-effective choice. Each participant will receive a dedicated PCM and access to PowerMyCareer™ along with a number of support options that can be used to purchase a combination of services to help achieve their desired outcome.
Prices start from £500 per person
Monthly Support Programme - A time-bound programme – access to a dedicated PCM, PowerMyCareer™ and unlimited support options for the duration of the programme. Ideal for those looking for intensive support.
Prices start from £1,500 per person
Executive Support Programme – ARC - Aimed at Senior Managers and Executives, a time-bound programme offering unlimited support from a specialist coaching team and under-pinned by PowerMyCareer™ and a specialist PCM.
Prices start from £4,000 per person
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