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Leading Through Change - view the on demand webinar

Added - 20/05/2021

Few businesses remain unaffected by the challenges and restrictions of the last 12 months. This webinar, recently delivered by Working Transitions CEO Lynne Hardman to a large audience of Santander customers,

is designed to help Leaders and Managers to understand some of the key skills, capabilities and support needed to lead and manage effectively during a period of change and challenge.

Navigating the fast-moving and unchartered terrain has left many businesses with little choice but to make considerable change in order to survive. 

  • Identify the stages that people go through during change and how these can potentially act as ‘de-railers’ to a successful change project
  • Recognise change drivers and how you can lead your teams through change
  • The importance of open and effective communication during change
  • Equipping line managers to ‘lead’ through change
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Supporting leavers
  • ‘Survivor Syndrome’ - Motivating the team that remain

Please find the recording of our Leading Through Change video to the right.

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