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What Is Outplacement Support?

Outplacement is a tailored support service offered to individuals who are leaving an organisation because of redundancy, organisation restructure or organisational change.

Individuals are usually offered outplacement support designed to help them with their next career move.

Support may focus on:

  • Creating a high impact CV
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Getting prepared for interviews
  • Creating or enhancing social media profiles
  • Identifying the best way to find new jobs
  • Exploring options including self-employment, business start-up and retirement

What are the benefits of outplacement support?

For employees, there is a multitude of benefits – emotional support at a vulnerable time, decision making support to ascertain the right next step and practical help to secure - and succeed at- interviews.

For employers, the benefits may initially appear less obvious.

Although this is a time when employers may feel stretched and challenged by immediate pressures, it’s important to be aware of the potential long-term impact handling redundancies may have on future business success. Ensuring support for leavers can benefit your organisation in various ways:

  • It can enhance the “psychological contract” throughout the organisation – lowering the emotional temperature and giving confidence to those that remain that, should they find themselves in a similar position, they will be properly supported
  • It helps to maintain productivity and retention
  • It can minimise absence
  • It reinforces their reputation as an employer – helping to attract and retain the talent critical to business success
  • It is an investment in the business’s future

Who pays for the outplacement support?

Outplacement support is usually paid for by the organisation as a gesture of goodwill depending upon the circumstances of how the individual is leaving the organisation.

However, there are times where it is in the best interest of the individual to pay for their own support. Especially if the organisation is experiencing administration or liquidation and they have no financial obligation to help support the affected individuals.

How can Working Transitions help?

It's widely recognised that a fully flexible outplacement programme offers the best value and support for participants - after all, no two job seekers are the same. Circumstances, experience and aspirations vary from one participant to another.

Offering the right outplacement support programme can be a lifeline, and a cost-effective way to give meaningful support.

Great support equals great results - and it doesn't have to be expensive. Our range of outplacement solutions deliver flexible, high impact support that enables individuals to move forward to the next step in their career with confidence and positivity - protecting your reputation as an employer of choice and reassuring your remaining workforce.

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