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Working from home? Could you do more to support your team?

Added - 21/01/2021

It's now been 10 months since the pandemic threw all of our working lives into disarray.

As we continue to adapt to the new way of working, many of us are moving from the ‘survive’ mode of 2020 into a ‘thrive’ mindset, with organisations benefitting from the increased productivity that a remote workforce can deliver.

A survey of 1,481 UK workers carried out in June 2020 found that 40% have been more productive when working at home, claiming it gives them a lot more flexibility with their time. Respondents said home working has helped to provide a much better work-life balance giving them more time to spend with family.


All positive stuff – however, it’s important to remember that remote working requires a different mind-set and skill-set to be truly effective. Have you given your team all of the tools to enable them to perform at their best?


Our 2 hour Virtual Learning Room ‘Remote Working: Peak Performance & Productivity’ provides tools and techniques to support teams to work from home effectively and maximise performance and productivity.


The session includes:

  • How to recognise the benefits and challenges when working from home·
  • Understanding individual and employer responsibilities when working from home
  • Managing health and well-being when working from home·
  • Communicating effectively with other remote-working colleagues
  • Maintaining levels of motivation when working from home
  • Knowing where to go for more information and help


Cost effective, practical and tangible, this session is ideal to help your organisation to get ahead.


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