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Working Transitions launches UK first with AI-powered coaching

Added - 09/02/2021

10 February 2021, London, UK: Working Transitions, career transition and workplace change experts, today announce that it will be launching PowerAmp™ Coaching.

PowerAmp™ Coaching is the world's first professional development coaching programme that is amplified by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The combination of professional coaching and AI guidance gives organisations the ability to provide coaching at a fraction of traditional costs while minimising risk. The programme starts by identifying people in an organisation who will most benefit from coaching then quickly identifies areas for improvement based on proprietary, peer-reviewed, and validated assessments.

By using AI technology and consolidated project management tools, organisations and coaches can see which participants are on track and which need more support. It can also provide greater levels of support to more participants, opening the possibility of coaching to more employees than ever before.

Lynne Hardman, CEO, Working Transitions: “Workplaces across the world are still reeling from the disruption caused by Covid-19. During periods of change it is more important than ever support employees with high-quality coaching, to enhance performance, overcome barriers and accelerate skills development. This new programme brings together coaching and cutting-edge AI technology, which together embed a coaching culture and enhance outcomes.”

PowerAmp Coaching is the only solution on the market that combines the human touch of experienced coaches with true AI to enhance and track the progress of coaching programmes. The AI drives learning between sessions, helps coaches support participants when they are not together and encourages accountability for progress.

The PowerAmp programme from Working Transitions includes:

  • 24/7 – 365 accessibility for clients and participants
  • Configurable with customised content to provide a look, feel, and messaging familiar to your team
  • Scalable to meet the demands of organizations of all sizes. From teams of 10 to groups of over 1000, PowerAmp coaching delivers high quality professional development to any size company
  • Scientifically proven and validated methodology ensures that all activities are grounded in logic and result in marked improvements
  • Cutting edge AI gives each participant daily guidance to continue improving and helps coaches and stakeholders identify which participants need additional support
  • 18 Dimensions of Development allow participants to identify and target those areas that will most markedly improve their performance

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