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A holistic approach to organisational change

Organisational change takes many forms - restructuring, redeployment, re-organisation, downsizing, re-location, acquisition, merger and – probably the word people least want to hear – redundancy.

It’s well documented that most people react badly when they are impacted by change at work. Feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and even panic can quickly take hold. It’s such a personal experience, no matter how large or small the change every individual is always impacted individually according to their personal circumstances, knowledge and confidence level. One of the overwhelming drivers of negativity is usually the feeling of being ‘done unto’ or being unable to exert any control over events.

Often, the organisation will recognise that people are in transition and would benefit from additional support but frequently this is presented as outplacement support and is too little too late. The evidence is clear from our work over many years that offering career transition support earlier in the organisational change cycle can have a big impact in areas such as morale, engagement, productivity and ultimately enables people to be better equipped to leave well.

The Working Transitions ‘Change Engine’ is a powerful and holistic suite of interventions designed to support every stage of the change journey. Incorporating group workshops, 1:1 coaching, learning interventions and our practical and impactful online portal, The Change Engine counteracts disruptive de-railers that organisations experience as they move through change and offers supportive interventions to both leaders and employees.

When introduced at the right stage, the optimum combination of interventions can greatly increase the chances of a successful change journey. We will work with you to select the interventions that best suit your change programme for maximum impact, flexibility and value.


Get in touch to understand how The Change Engine can support organisational change and personal transition within your workplace.



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Working Transitions
12 August 2019
Supporting effective and successful organisational change


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