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The last 18 months have been a rollercoaster ride for Sam Allardyce. Surviving two relegation battles and a very brief but turbulent time at England, his feet have barely touched the ground.  At age 62 he’s now starting to think about the next stage of his life.

Like many people over the age of 60, he has decided to take a step back from his career to spend time travelling and with his grandchildren. This is a dramatic shift in lifestyle from the intense pressure of the Premier League to chilling out on a beach in Barbados.

Later life today doesn’t necessarily mean stopping work.   Retirement is just one option.  Self- employment, voluntary options, part-time work or even a complete change of career are all viable options. For many, later life is a time of major renewal - a time to refocus and rebalance your lifestyle. With an increased focus on improving well-being and the introduction of new employment legislation, people are able to work longer in a range of different ways.  

If you’re thinking about how later life can work for you, the following advice may help.


What Does ‘Later Life’ Mean To You?

If you are entering later life, now could be a good time to look forward and think about choices and opportunities. For many, later life is the beginning of a new chapter of positive change.

A good place to start is to visualise your future and what it means to you. Take a minute or two to imagine a time where you are taking control of what you do with your time. You will have to get used to living a new life pattern - What does that look like? How will that feel? How will you spend your time?

Considering and unearthing passions and inspirations can help you to make decisions about what later life looks like for you.


Considering Future Choices

Taking the time to seriously re-evaluate your future life choices isn’t something that most people do on a regular basis so it may take some time and effort. Try to note down some thoughts on areas you are interested in focusing your attention on -no matter how diverse they may be at this stage. Think about your lifestyle and how that moves with the future pace of life as well as meeting your own personal needs.


Adjusting The Balance

On average, full-time employees work 37.5 hours per week which takes up a substantial part of their life. Alongside work there are two other areas that take up our time and energy:

To show these activities as being equally balanced can be misleading because one or more of the sides of the triangle (usually work) tends to dominate the other two in terms of time and energy. If you take the work side away it needs to be replaced by something else otherwise the triangle will collapse in on itself. This may be some form of employed activity (paid or unpaid), or increasing the time and energy you put into the other two sides of the triangle, or doing something completely different.


As far as time with immediate family and friends is concerned, you may need to negotiate the contract with your partner to ensure you don’t step too much into each other’s territory!


With some planning and thought later life can be a time of huge reward and enjoyment.


Our flexible suite of bespoke, tailored services are designed to support workplace development and transition and help you drive your business forward.

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26 May 2017
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