Our International Capability


As part of the Career Partners International network, our local experts deliver the same level of exceptional service wherever you are in the world. Operating across 300 global locations, Career Partners International have leveraged their local market expertise and aligned industry-leading tools to support thousands of Organisations.


Global operations can introduce a host of additional challenges, concerns and issues when it comes to engaging an organisation’s most important asset – its people.

Challenges for HR can be seen across all stages of the employee lifecycle and include cultural differences, attracting and retaining the right talent and communication issues


Working Transitions is proud to be part of the Career Partners International (CPI) Network. CPI serves thousands of clients across the globe making it one of the World’s leading HR consultancies. Employers from all continents trust our local market experts to provide the best possible outcomes for employees.


  • 2.73 Months - Industry's fastest time for reemployment 
  • 97% Highly satisfied participants
  • 30 to 1 - The industry’s best outplacement career coach-to-participant ratio
  • Industrys highest Net Promoter Score +78 
  • 80% The industry’s best percentage for landing at equal/greater compensation

We have a proven track record


  • “The quality of outplacement service provided to our employees has been consistently high and support is always tailored to our individuals' needs" HR, ANZ Bank
  • "Responsive, flexible and high quality service" Head of HR, Royal London
  • "Employees leaving WCC were supported both emotionally and practically, in a timely and relevant way" HR, City of Westminster
  • "The redeployment, outplacement and other transition services provided to all our staff throughout the organisation have been superb" Head of Corporate HR, HSBC
  • "All affected employees who engaged with Working Transitions achieved a successful outcome" HR, Siemens Plc
  • "The coach was extremely engaging, knowledgeable about our circumstances and encouraged discussion" Head of HR, ILF
We have a proven track record


  • Empathetic - We constantly strive to understand and meet the needs of others
  • Respectful - maintaining or enhancing each person’s self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Open - always positively raising each person’s, and our own, self-awareness
  • Genuine – being real, honest and clear about what we do
  • Flexible – shunning the ‘one size fits all’ approach and listening to what our clients need
  • Engaging – being motivational, creative and inclusive with everybody we meet

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