Case studies

Government Technology Organisation - Wellbeing And Resilience Through Change

A major technology overhaul involved several hundred people applying for positions in the new structure. Unsuccessful applicants had the option to redeploy or take voluntary redundancy. If those options were unsuccessful, or not chosen, compulsory redundancy followed.

Working Transitions designed and created a tailored programme that focused on well-being and stress, and how the transition impacted the employees. Another focus was for the staff to fully understand the amount of support they had available, especially when transitioning through Outplacement.
Part of this programme was to coach the senior management team through the challenging time and reduce the pressure on them. Also, by preparing the staff for significant personal change by building personal resilience, and enabling them to be more personally responsible for their futures.
Union feedback was very positive and senior managers credit the programme with reduced stress, maintained focus and maintenance of business as usual at a difficult time.
“Some positivity in a potentially negative time”
“Exactly what I was seeking, clear and focussed on my needs”
“Helped to focus on the most essential elements to improve my chances of success”
“It has provided me with better clarity about writing my competencies examples”
“The workshop helped me to focus on my skills, achievements and how to see myself as an asset”
“I like the examples and the interactive nature of the workshop. Relieved it wasn’t a counselling session!”
“Good guidance anecdotal and lots of time taken to answer questions good knowledge of the business”
“Engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable - helped reduce my stress levels!”

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