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Supporting Wellbeing and Resilience

Changeisaninevitablepartoflife,andifitswellplannedandformulated,itcanproducepositiveresults.Often,inspiteofplanningandeffectivecommunication,changeishardtoincorporate,acceptandappreciate.Changeisaninevitablepartoflife,andifitswellplannedandformulated,itcanproducepositiveresults.Often,inspiteofplanningandeffectivecommunication,changeishardtoincorporate,acceptandappreciate.Change is an inevitable part of life, and if it's well planned and formulated, it can produce positive results. Often, in spite of planning and effective communication, change is hard to incorporate, accept and appreciate. 

Recognising and understanding change, and the impact on the behaviour of your team members, can be userful to allow you to adapt your leadership approach. It's important to remember that everyone experiences change differently - team members will move through stages of the Change Curve at different times - and not all will experience every stage of the curve. 

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AdviserPlus Group: Considering Redundancies

Challenging times can result in difficult decisions. When forced to consider redundancies, the impact across all levels of an organisation can be far reaching. Providing the right support - to ensure that correct processes are followed, that HR teams are properly supported and that affected individuals are given the best possible chance to secure the right next step for them – can have a positive and lasting effect.

Watch our on-demand webinar recording here to find out what you need to consider when facing redundancies. If you would like more information of how we can support you, please fill in your contact information.