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Head of UK & Europe, Air New Zealand

"From the start, Working Transitions took the time to understand our business and the people in it. They were caring and committed to providing a very tailored service based around the unique needs of each individual. The feedback we receive is always excellent and many people have gone on to secure alternative employment."

Our range of services, underpinned by 27 years of expertise and delivered by market-leading, fully accredited coaches, are designed to support the full employee lifecycle. By providing the right level of support, we create the best outcome for all situations.

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Our Approach to Covid-19

Throughout the pandemic, Working Transitions remains true to our values of empathy, respect and openness.

We care deeply about the wellbeing of all the people for whom we provide services and are committed to anticipating needs, offering our expertise and developing tangible and practical solutions to effectively support change and transition. Our current focus is to...MORE

Job Seekers Success Stories

Despite the huge challenges of 2020, we are proud to have supported so many individuals affected by redundancy. Some amazing success stories - thanks to each individual's personal grit and determination, our wonderful career coaches and of course the fantastic Working Transitions Team.

#overcomingchallenges #successstories #redundancy #goodbye2020!

Watch our Job Seekers Success Stories HereMORE

Working from home? Could you do more to support your team?

It's now been 10 months since the pandemic threw all of our working lives into disarray.

As we continue to adapt to the new way of working, many of us are moving from the ‘survive’ mode of 2020 into a ‘thrive’ mindset, with organisations benefitting from the increased productivity that a remote workforce can deliver. A survey of...MORE

Considering Redundancies? Take a look at PIVOT

PIVOT - our series of bite-sized insights to support organisations through the twists and turns of the current climate.

Many organisations are faced with the harsh reality of reducing headcount – and are considering offering outplacement support to properly support their people.  What isn’t always so clear is that a good outplacement provider can support you to...MORE

Outplacement - 4 myths busted

Many organisations think that offering Outplacement support is a ‘nice to do’ rather than a ’must do’. 

In a challenging business environment, when tough choices have to be made, many employers naturally focus on saving costs if redundancies are in prospect.  They argue that if reasonable redundancy packages are being offered and unemployment is low, then why...MORE

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Working Transitions Xmas Party 2020

Date - 11/12/2020

It was a little different this year - but the fabulous Working Transitions team still came out in force! Cocktail making, quizzing and comedy - all over Zoom! It was a...MORE

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