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We know better than anyone that coaching can escalate and accelerate performance – across all levels of your organisation.  To truly thrive, a strong culture of personal development supported by high-quality career coaching helps to enhance performance, overcome barriers and accelerate skills development.

We coach leaders, teams and individuals through the ups and downs of today’s landscape, creating a committed and productive workforce who can adapt to change and thrive through challenge.
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Learning & Development Manager, Sport England

"Sport England have been partnering with Working Transitions for a number of years - we use their Coaching services for a range of situations, including maternity returners, internal career development, leadership development and outplacement. I appreciate their collaborative approach and have always found them to be reliable, responsive and committed to understanding our needs and tailoring their service to fit our situation. We continue to get excellent feedback from our employees and they are a trusted partner I look forward to continuing to work with.'

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Enhance performance - improve results

Navigating the challenges of today's workplace

Our coaching solutions support leaders, teams and individuals to successfully navigate critical points in their career,  driving motivation and productivity,  and removing the barriers to personal and commercial success whilst protecting against risk.   

We're corporate members of the Association for Coaching - the leading independent professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising standards of coaching worldwide - and we know exactly what we want from our coaches. All of our coaches have demonstrable personal commercial success as well as the professional coaching expertise, qualifications and accreditations you'd expect.  Find out more about our coaches 


BRAND NEW PowerAmp Coaching

PowerAmp Coaching combines the benefits of our vast coaching expertise with the very latest developments in science and technology. This unique combination means that PowerAmp coaches can provide greater levels of support to more of your people, opening up the powerful benefits of coaching to more employees than ever before.

PowerAmp’s custom-built and validated artificial intelligence vastly improves the impact of coaching, reducing risk and delivering true ROI whilst maximising engagement for accelerated and sustainable outcomes.  Find out more about PowerAmp Coaching 

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What type of Coaching would my Executives and Senior Leadership teams receive?


For organisations to succeed in today's environment, investment in developing and maintaining a high performing Senior Leadership Team is essential.
Executive Coaching and Senior Team Facilitation can help leaders to assess where they are and where they want to be as well as develop their cohesion as a team and their commitment to shared objectives.
It can also raise the skills and competencies of team members or help them to identify and address issues that are impacting their effectiveness.
At the outset of the programme, we focus on establishing the key goals and improvements required and ensure that all activities are aligned to these objectives. Effective Executive Coaching and Top Team facilitation can deliver:

  • Better conversations with peers and team members 
  • Improved personal and collective decision-making capability
  • Accelerated achievement of business goals 


Who in my organisation would benefit from Career Coaching?


We truly believe that coaching can be beneficial across all levels of an organisation. 
Being coached can be a challenging and stretching experience, inviting individuals to draw on and develop hidden personal resources and qualities. It can be an exciting, stimulating journey of self-discovery and development that opens up new opportunities for personal fulfilment and achievement.  


When might organisations find Career Coaching particularly useful?


Coaching from our career experts can be particularly useful when:

  • You need to quickly and effectively integrate new starters
  • There is a need to accelerate results
  • Organisational or personal success has created new challenges 
  • A gap in skills, confidence or behaviour is identified
  • An urgent or compelling issue is anticipated (a challenge, stretch goal or opportunity)
  • Leaders are impacted by organisational restructuring
  • Work and life are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences


Should I train my managers to have 'Coaching Conversations'?


We are strong advocates of embedding a coaching culture across an organisation.  Managers who are confident and capable of having regular coaching conversations with their teams drive progress, encourage internal mobility and promote an open and positive environment for the entire workforce.  Although it can take time to invest in, build and embed leadership coaching capability, the increase in trust and commercial benefits to the organisation can be dramatic and long-lasting.
Get in touch to find out how we can support your managers. 


What is Working Transitions' approach to Employee Coaching?


Our approach to coaching is non-directive yet structured and focused on the development of individuals. Our 5-point methodology ensures the achievement of personal development goals aligned to business objectives:

  1. Agreement of Individual's and Organisation's needs –  To ensure maximum benefit and provide the basis for measuring success
  1. Engagement - Diagnostic process to ensure that each individual is matched to the 'right' career coach for them
  1.  Contracting with stakeholders - To agree parameters, key activities and outcomes
  1. Evaluation and Measurement - On-going review and feedback
  1. Closure - Measurements of outcomes and agreement of next steps 


What is career coaching in the Workplace?


Although there are many things that you can do to support people’s careers, one of the most powerful and impactful is to develop a coaching culture.
To truly thrive, a strong culture of personal development supported by high-quality coaching helps to enhance performance, overcome barriers and accelerate skills development.

The most forward-thinking and progressive organisations recognise the value in embedding a coaching culture – offering career coaching support across all levels of a workforce, in a range of situations and developing the coaching skills of line managers is key to this.


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