Change Management Services

CIPD research suggests that less than 60% of change initiatives succeed. Too often, organisations focus all their efforts on the business drivers such as new processes, the corporate culture or the legal contract with their employees.

They fail to manage the individual drivers such as the psychological contract, levels of personal resilience and interpretation of corporate communications that determine how their employees respond to change.

Change Management Graphic

Supporting employees through their personal transition as part of a change programme helps to maximise productivity during and after change by measurably improving individual performance, motivation, attitude, behaviour and engagement leading to a better outcome for all concerned.

The ‘can do’ workshops have had an enormous impact on re-establishing and maintaining the engagement and motivation of the staff during a very difficult period. The outplacement support for the leavers has been universally praised and delivered what people wanted when they wanted it and measurably improved their success finding alternative employment in very difficult local circumstances.

Kay Parker, HR Director, Unipath

Benefits to you

  • Build confidence in the change being introduced
  • Align teams with organisation objectives
  • Improve personal resilience of employees for now and the future
  • Develop communication techniques that work
  • Empower managers to lead and employers to respond positively

Benefits to your employees

  • Better able to manage uncertainty and anxiety and take greater control of personal situation
  • Improved engagement
  • Improved resilience
  • Improved morale

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