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Unemployment rates are at their lowest since comparable records began in 1971.  Getting the right candidates to interview is becoming increasingly challenging and, more than ever, interviewers must have the skills to assess external and internal candidates effectively if vacancies are to be filled.

In a candidate short market, the competence and credibility of the interviewer, as well as their ability to 'sell' both the organisation and the vacant role is an increasingly important aspect of a candidate’s decision to accept an offer. The most able and employable interviewees understand that they are not only “selling” themselves to the interviewer, but also “buying” the role and the organisation - interviewers therefore need to project an appropriate picture of themselves and the organisation.

To consistently identify and attract the best interview candidates for vacant roles, and to ensure that they are a good fit for both the vacancy and the organisation, it is essential that interviewers understand and apply key tools, techniques and skills in a structured and logical manner.

Many interviewers, although highly knowledgeable about their organisation and the requirements of the role, have limited training when it comes to conducting a great interview. With the high cost of bad hires well documented, investing in interview training makes sense for organisations of all sizes.

The right interview training results in the right hires.

A poor interview results in a bad experience for the candidate, and may even raise compliance and legal concerns in some cases. To ensure that your candidates are receiving the best experience and assessment possible, you need skilled and knowledgeable interviewers.

Working Transitions’ ‘Effective Interviews’ workshop will increase interviewers’ confidence to prepare themselves thoroughly prior to interviews, to conduct interviews professionally and effectively, to identify and attract the best candidates, and to complete all of the post interview tasks quickly and efficiently.

Our specialist coaches can cost effectively support interviewers at all levels of experience, either individually or in groups, to increase competence and ensure that they understand and apply key interviewing tools, techniques and skills resulting in the most effective interview, increasing opportunities to hire the very best candidates.

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Working Transitions
18 January 2018
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