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We continuously ask for feedback from our clients - and our participants. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that our career transition services are making a tangible and positive difference - both to the organisation and the individual.  

Career Transition Support

People Director, Wagamama

Wagamama has partnered with Working Transitions for a number of years now, mainly in the areas of outplacement support and career transition. The feedback from our teams who have worked with the Working Transitions coaches is always fantastic; helpful, informative and impactful. Contact is made quickly with support offered all the way through the journey. I’m really pleased with the services offered and would highly recommend WT to others.


Outplacement Participant

The whole concept is a really good idea! The varying touchpoints throughout were both consistent and helpful. Support with my career coach was excellent - she helped me identify what I needed to focus on and develop further skills. My interview techniques were significantly enhanced, and my CV was extensively improved after the support with Working Transitions.

Managing Change

People Director, Swinton

I've had experience of managing change both with and without external support. We used Working Transitions for Outplacement Support and the key benefits were the immediate professionalism, dedication and confidence that they brought to the situation. They are experts in what they do.

People often feel that change is being 'done' to them – therefore being supported by someone within their organisation can feel too 'close' and can prevent them from opening up. Being able to take a step back and get support from an independent third-party can help people to understand that this is not personal - it happens to people across lots of companies and a successful outcome is possible.



Outplacement Participant

Knowing that you have a 'trusted' reference point to turn to in either the portal or coach gives you much more confidence in exploring your longer-term ambitions, to learn more about your own values, how to approach the recruitment market, and a first-hand experienced coach to listen to your concerns and encourage you to embrace new challenges differently & positively. A big thank you to Working Transitions and particularly my career coach during my continued job transition journey – you have been so helpful and supportive!


Head of UK & Europe, Air New Zealand

 As a result of a change in strategy, we had to make some drastic changes to our team structure. We partnered with Working Transitions to provide Outplacement support, in order to help those colleagues impacted by the changes. From the start, they took time to understand our business and the people in it. They were caring and committed to providing a very tailored service based on the unique needs of each individual. The feedback we receive is always excellent and many people have gone on to secure alternative employment.

Executive Outplacement

ARC Participant

Undoubtedly the best Executive Coach I have ever worked with. She balances true professionalism with tremendous insight and a highly tuned ability to help me identify what is important for me to focus on. I worked with my career coach as I was looking for new roles and her assistance greatly helped my preparation and success. Interactions with her are always positive and challenging. I really cannot recommend her highly enough as an Executive Coach.


Learning & Development Manager, Sport England

Sport England has been partnering with Working Transitions for a number of years now. We use their career coaching services for a range of situations, including maternity returners, internal career development, leadership development and outplacement support. I appreciate their collaborative approach and have always found them to be reliable, responsive and committed to understanding our needs and tailoring their service to fit our situation. We continue to get excellent feedback from our employees and they are a trusted partner I look forward to continuing to work with.



Rob has truly opened my eyes into the techniques of career searching and I cannot recommend his coaching services enough. He helped broaden my mind and led me to improve on techniques that I didn't even know I lacked. I had many 'light bulb' moments during our coaching period which shows the extent of his expertise. He is very thorough in his work and communicates with you very well, making you very comfortable and at ease during the sessions, and even at times he would provide very needed encouragement during incessant job searching. The advice he provided will stay with me even beyond future roles.

Career Transition Support

People Services Delivery Manager, Royal London

During my time at Royal London, I have found the services we receive from Working Transitions for both outplacement and retirement support to be market-leading, competitively priced and always well received, irrespective of the circumstance.  The team at Working Transitions are always responsive and happy to help and assist with whatever I ask and whenever I ask!

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