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Unlocking the potential of future leaders is unquestionably the most powerful investment any organisation can make.

But for today’s leaders, it is no longer enough to have the intellect, skills and experience for the job. Now more than ever they will need empathy and strong emotional intelligence; resilience and agility; the ability to develop relationships which can influence and inspire; and be able to build a team culture with Diversity and Inclusion at its heart.
Our expert specialist coaches come from a diverse range of industries and businesses and offer highly tailored programmes to meet the needs of the individual and organisation. With a non-directive style of cognitive behavioural coaching and leadership and management development they can release the full potential of your future leaders and help you future proof the success of your organisation.

"Sport England have been partnering with Working Transitions for a number of years - we use their Coaching services for a range of situations, including maternity returners, internal career development, leadership development and outplacement. I appreciate their collaborative approach and have always found them to be reliable, responsive and committed to understanding our needs and tailoring their service to our situation. We continue to get excellent feedback from our employees and they are a trusted partner I look forward to continuing to work with.”



Should I develop managers to have 'Coaching Conversations'?


We are strong advocates of embedding a coaching culture across an organisation. Managers who are confident and capable of having regular coaching conversations with their teams drive progress, encourage internal mobility and promote an open and positive environment for the entire workforce. Although it can take time to invest in, build and embed leadership coaching capability, the increase in trust and commercial benefits to the organisation can be dramatic and long-lasting. 


What is Working Transitions' style of Coaching?


Our approach to coaching is non-directive yet structured and focused on the development of individuals. Our 5-point methodology ensures the achievement of personal development goals aligned to business objectives:

Agreement of Individual's and Organisation's needs – To ensure maximum benefit and provide the basis for measuring success
Engagement - Diagnostic process to ensure that each individual is matched to the 'right' career coach for them
Contracting with stakeholders - To agree parameters, key activities and outcomes
Evaluation and Measurement - On-going review and feedback
Closure - Measurements of outcomes and agreement of next steps


What is coaching for new and existing leaders?


Although there are many things that you can do to support employees in the workplace, one of the most powerful and impactful options is to coach leaders to be the best performers they can be. 

Coaching can help leaders, at different stages in their career, to assess where they are and identify where they want to be. It can also raise the skills and competencies of leaders and help them to identify and address issues that may impact their effectiveness.

At the outset of any coaching programme, we focus on establishing the key goals and development required and ensure that all activities are aligned to these objectives. 

Coaching was once only available to C-suite employees, but now progressive organisations see it as a primary development tool and the only way to take training forward and close the gap between theory and practice 


What are the benefits of coaching?


Coaching provides an opportunity to identify the context of success – what do great look like and how does an individual get there? How do employees align with business objectives, goals, values and ethics and what do they need to develop and change to maximise personal and professional potential? 

Benefits of coaching can include: 

  • Increase awareness of leadership strengths, values and goals 

  • Develop the most effective ways to reach your goals 

  • Create a vision with buy in from stakeholders 

  • Achieve heightened levels of performance for leaders and their teams 

  • Better relationship management and leadership styles to increase and sustain personal and business success 

  • Improved strategic thinking and influence to serve personal and organisational goals 

  • Unearth team strengths and create a culture where things get done 

  • Lead organisational change effectively while achieving business objectives 

  • Foster greater positivity, wellbeing and balance in work and life 

  • Develop positive thinking and create a shift in mindset 


What is a typical length of a coaching programme?


Although coaching programmes can vary in length, we typically see programmes consisting of 6 to 8 sessions, each being one hour in duration. Average programmes are completed in 4 to 6 months.


What experience do Leadership coaches have?


On average, our leadership performance coaches have at least 15 years industry experience. With a varied range of backgrounds, all have demonstrated personal commercial success, holding varied board and senior leadership positions across both public and private sector organisations including blue chip organisations, government departments, charities and SME's. 

Relevant qualifications and accreditations can include: 

  • ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring 

  • International Coaching Federation membership 

  • Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development 

  • Advanced Coaching Diploma – The Academy of Executive Coaching 

  • Post graduate degrees in a range of related disciplines  

  • Certified to use a range of psychometric tools including MBTI, Saville WAVE, Strengthscope, Risk Compass, Talent Q, SDI, PRISM and FIRO-B.

A number of our coaches are also certified across a range of specialisms and include chartered occupational psychologists and NLP Practitioners. 

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