Career Transition

Executive Outplacement

Career transition is a time of reflection, and in today’s dynamic employment market, often the right time for a change of direction.

Our Executive Coaches have the skills and expertise to help your employees navigate this challenge and secure the right opportunity for their next role.

We understand that every career is unique. No two executives are the same. That is why our Executive Coaching is tailored and developed around specific needs and requirements. A carefully matched Lead Executive Coach will draw on cutting edge tools and resources, as well as highly experienced subject matter experts, to hand curate the support your employees need to help them set their next direction, prepare well and be successful.

“Undoubtedly, the best Executive Coach I have ever worked with, balancing true professionalism with tremendous insight and a highly tuned ability to help me identify what is important for me to focus on. I was looking for new roles and her assistance greatly helped my preparation and success. Interactions with my coach were always positive and challenging.”



Is ARC a standardised programme for Executive Outplacement support?


No. Every individual's programme will be tailored to their specific requirements – taking into account their background, skills, personal situation, goals and aspirations. During an initial diagnostic session, a skilled and experienced Specialist Programme Support Manager will work closely with the participant to build the programme of support most likely to achieve a successful outcome.


How is a Coach selected for Executive Outplacement Support?


As part of an initial, detailed diagnostic call, the Specialist Programme Support Manager will work with the executive to identify the most appropriate Lead Coach for their programme.

Selection criteria will include the coach's own industry experience, their experience of working with other participants in similar circumstances and the right personality profile to enable maximum success from the programme.

Our Executive Coaches are carefully selected based on expertise and values, making them pragmatic, insightful and commercial with the ability to build trust and constructively challenge to maximise opportunities.



How regularly will coaching sessions take place for Executives?


This is completely dependent upon needs and requirements – there is no mandated session structure. This allows us to tailor the programme, so sessions take place at the pace that's right for each executive.


What if an Executive wants to change the direction of their Career?


Redundancy in later career often leads people to consider making a career change and the Lead Executive Coach can talk in detail about plans and desires for the future and help to identify realistic and achievable career goals. The programme will be focused on the achievement of those goals – whether that is new employment, self-employment, a new business, a portfolio career or even retirement.


Can you support a Senior individual with securing a NED role?


Yes.  We can arrange access to specific NED resources and can support in identifying and applying for such roles.  


What is an Executive Outplacement programme?


Our ARC Executive Outplacement Programme supports executives faced with career transition to find the right next step for them – whatever that may look like.
Traditional outplacement programmes focus on moving an individual into a new employed role. And for many, that’s the right thing. For executives, however, a varied skillset and experience of working at a senior level across many echelons of an organisation mean that exploring alternative career options can be both appealing and realistic.


What experience do executive coaches have?


On average, our executive coaches have at least 20 years industry experience. With a varied range of backgrounds, all have demonstrated personal commercial success, holding varied board and senior leadership positions across both public and private sector organisations including blue chip organisations, government departments, charities and SME's.

Relevant qualifications and accreditations include: 

ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor 
International Coaching Federation membership
Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development 
Advanced Coaching Diploma – The Academy of Executive Coaching 
Post graduate degrees in a range of disciplines from top universities internationally

The executive coaching team are certified to use a range of psychometric tools including MBTI, Saville WAVE, Strengthscope, Risk Compass, Talent Q, SDI, PRISM and FIRO-B.

A number of our executive coaches are certified across a range of specialisms and include chartered occupational psychologists and NLP Practitioners. 


What resources will executives have access to?


At the outset, executives will receive log-in details to the ARC portal.  This hosts a wealth of interactive tools and resources including videos, articles, exercises and links to support career transition.  The ARC portal is split into 8 sections - designed to emulate the key stages of the executive job search.
They will also have support to create an Individual Action Plan to help them to identify strategic outcomes, key objectives and goals, and the actions required in order to realise them.
Executives may contact their Executive Programme Manager and Lead Executive Coach throughout the duration of their support.

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