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Working Families & Parental Leave

Employees returning to work after a period of Parental Leave can often experience a growing sense of anxiety about re-joining the business.

Their life has changed dramatically and the business may have experienced change too. So it is important for leaders to have a plan in place. The evidence is very clear, with the right support, returning employees are more engaged, more confident and get back up to speed much more quickly.

Our half day workshop focusses on the behaviours a leader needs to make this a positive experience for the both employee and the organisation.

They will learn the role of the leader during the Parental Leave process and how brilliant engagement, positive communication, empathy and coaching skills can help them lead their teammates through this change effectively. It covers how to plan and manage challenging or sensitive conversations, how to communicate the Parental Leave policy and process and where to get further support and advice.

By the end of the workshop they will be more confident and effective leaders ensuring happier, more engaged and more productive Parental Leave returners.



Why provide Family Leave Support?


Experience demonstrates that individuals who are supported before and during their return to work have a happier experience and become fully effective more quickly.  Our tailored services are designed to provide support to both individuals and line managers before, during and after a period of family leave to help individuals to return feeling more confident and productive in their role.  As with all change, effective planning and the right support at the right time, will ensure individuals, line managers and the wider organisation benefit from a smooth transition with a positive outcome for everyone.


Can Working Transitions provide support for both individuals and Line Managers?


Yes. For individuals our tailored coaching programmes provides support before, during and after a period of leave to help employees plan and prepare for this time and enable a positive and effective return to work. 

For line managers, our half-day workshop focusses on the behaviours a leader needs to make this a positive experience for the both employee and the organisation. By the end of the workshop managers will feel able to be more confident and effective leaders, ensuring happier, engaged and more productive Family Leave returners.


What can Family Leave coaching cover?


Tailored individual coaching can provide support before, during and after a period of family leave.  Returning to work after a period of family leave can represent a significant transition and provoke a wide range of emotions and individuals are likely to have a mixture of positive and negative feelings.  Whatever the individual situation, our Family Leave programmes are flexible and can be readily tailored to meet individual needs and desired outcomes.


When can Family Leave coaching be provided?


Whilst programmes will be tailored to suit individual needs and circumstances, essentially, we focus on providing support at the following stages:

  • Pre leave – discuss goals and expectations of the coaching, plus planning for an effective and timely handover and exploration as to how to make use of keep in touch days
  • During leave – provide support and enable better adjustment for spending time away from work
  • Planning a return - plan and prepare for return to work, focusing on the practical, emotional, and psychological aspects and help to re-enter the workplace in a positive frame of mind and work ready
  • Returning with confidence – to provide ongoing support from an independent and confidential point of contact


Will individuals work with specialist coaches?


Yes.  All individuals are carefully matched with an experienced coach who will provide independent and confidential advice and guidance to support their best possible return to work.  Our specialist coaches are highly experienced in supporting individuals to make an effective personal transition and manage the emotional and psychological aspects of this important stage of their life and career.



What do participants say about the support?


“I was feeling very nervous about coming back to work after having my first baby. The coaching support has really helped me to regain my confidence in my abilities and to settle back into being an effective member of the team”  Click here to read more feedback and comments from those who have received our Family leave support


Additional Testimonials:


”Kim is a fabulous coach with bags of emotional intelligence. She’s helped me to navigate the tricky area of work life integration by gently challenging some of the rules I’d created to help me find small chunks of space for me and to create a bit more balance - without compromising my career. I feel like I can breathe again! Everyone needs a Kim. I can’t thank her enough”

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