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Every organisation wants their employees to be agile and confident to progress, manage and succeed in their career transition journey, it’s a fact. A sure way to achieving this is to ensure your leavers have access to practical and engaging outplacement workshops that will develop their skills and arm them with tools, techniques and practical solutions that enable career transition success.
Engaging and immersive workshops supporting Career Transition

Our outplacement learning library is made up of high-quality workshops that embed the skills and knowledge essential for career transition success. Engaging and immersive, our workshops inspire leavers at all levels and help develop the critical skills needed for those facing a career change. Through our workshops we aim to equip your employees with tangible and practical solutions that allow them to take control with confidence of their career journey and make informed choices about what is the best path for them and how to secure their next role.
We are proud to be an LPI accredited learning provider. The ‘Accredited Learning Provider’ badge openly demonstrates commitment towards the highest standards of excellence and performance outcomes in the delivery of learning products and services.

Through consultation with our clients, our participants and our expert coaching team, we have established the topics that will support your leavers right now. The content has been developed by industry leading career management experts, people with real world skills that can leverage their own tried and tested practical experiences coupled with models and frameworks to support understanding, knowledge and practical hints and tips.

Listed below are the Career Transition workshops available from Working Transitions, along with a brief overview. Please contact us on +44 (0)1604 744101 to find out more about booking and delivery options.

Develop employee talent and fulfil potential

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Application Form Success

The Application Form Success Workshop is perfect for any individual seeking new employment. The Workshop is designed to guide the attendee through the completion of an impactful application form in a clear, structured and logical format, which is both ‘reader friendly’ and compatible with any applicant tracking software (which may be being used to access initial applications). Application forms have many pros and cons, with the biggest disadvantage to the job seeker being that the unified approach provokes difficulty in standing out from the crowd. Real-life examples are used throughout the workshop, which are thought-provoking and allow the audience a real opportunity to practice the art of writing a compelling Personal / Supporting statement on which they can put their stamp. The workshop considers the use of modern technologies to access the initial application giving practical advice on how to tailor each application in line with the job description and person specification, which is an absolute must at this stage of the recruitment process. 

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Build Resilience During Challenging Times

When faced with a challenging situation it’s easy to become overwhelmed. How this manifests in each individual can vary, from an emotional response, procrastination, denial, and confidence struggles to a trigger for increased stress and anxiety levels. All these issues can impact staff engagement, motivation, mental well-being and productivity. Some of us are naturally more resilient than others, but most of us will benefit from questioning and challenging our natural responses to change and implementing a plan as to how we can successfully move forwards during a challenging time. This workshop will guide attendees through how they can constructively manage their thoughts and feelings and how to focus on any worries/fears in a way that becomes results-driven and focused and ultimately helps them to take positive steps forwards.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Creating a Winning CV

Creating a Winning CV is the 'must attend' workshop for individuals facing a career change or who want to update their CV to ensure they have an impactful market-ready document. This workshop will navigate attendees through a CV build and covers principles such as CV best practices, CV templates and working models of strong CV elements, such as a Profile Statement and some professionally written achievements. A STAR learning model will be used and demonstrated to attendees, therefore giving them the tools and knowledge to create impactful achievements within their document.

The workshop will ensure that attendees are fully equipped to navigate the modern world of CV sifting and will provide information on the latest technologies, such as automated Applicant Tracking Systems, and how to successfully navigate these technologies whilst still ensuring the CV remains ‘reader friendly’ to the human eye. This course is a must for anyone who needs to refresh or rebuild their CV.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Exploring Retirement Options

This Exploring Retirement Options workshop is the ideal starting point for those considering career change later in life. There are many factors which affect the decision to retire; personal motivators, financial implications, family life, health and well-being. Even after deciding that retirement is the desired option, individuals often feel daunted, facing worries regarding how they will adapt to the change and what the reality of retirement will look like.

This workshop encourages attendees to see this later stage of life as a transition, which is personal to them and suggests that there is no right or wrong in terms of what retirement should look like. We explore the numerous possibilities open to individuals at this stage of their lives such as; continuing with paid employment in an alternative sector or at a level that allows a healthier work-life balance, pursuing hobbies and interests, making new connections and forming new relationships, prioritising health and well-being and volunteering or giving back to the community.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Exploring Self-Employment

Anyone wondering if self-employment is the correct route for them, will find this Exploring Self-Employment workshop an ideal starting point. Self-Employment comes with many advantages, with the principle of ‘being your own boss’ appealing to many however, it’s worth exploring the full picture. As a self-employed new business owner, you will wear many different ‘hats’ and take on roles outside your current skillset, for example, marketing and branding, accountancy, recruitment, sourcing materials and sales. Starting a new business does not necessarily mean you have to possess all these skills, but it does mean that you must be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and source a solution to help you negate the areas where you are weaker. Perhaps you will undertake training or outsource certain aspects to other providers, for example. A great idea is a brilliant starting point when launching a business, but a detailed business plan can be invaluable in ensuring your idea will work in practice. 

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Job Searching and Accessing the Hidden Job Market

Job Searching and Accessing the Hidden Job Market is an invaluable workshop for individuals considering, or actively looking for, a new role. This workshop encourages attendees to broaden their use of job searching methods and helps them to avoid the common pitfall of relying solely on online job boards - the most commonly used method of job seeking. This workshop highlights the benefits of a well-rounded approach and ensures that attendees maximise the use of various key routes to finding valuable job opportunities. Attendees will be advised on how to identify and pursue these job opportunities, even those not publicly advertised - the ‘hidden job market’.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Kick Start Your Job Search Success

Securing a new opportunity can be challenging, this workshop gives essential tips on CVs, job campaigning and interviews to help maximise attendees' chances of success.
We will navigate attendees through creating strong CV elements such as a Profile Statement and an impactful achievement section, giving them the tools and knowledge to create/revise their document, ensuring it is market ready. Attendees will learn how to successfully navigate Applicant Tracking Software and other AI technologies whilst ensuring the CV remains ‘reader friendly’ to the human eye. 

We also explore how to broaden the use of job searching methods and help individuals to avoid the common pitfall of relying solely on the most commonly used method of job seeking – online job boards. This workshop highlights the benefits of a well-rounded approach and ensures that attendees maximise the use of various key routes to finding valuable job opportunities as well as exploring opportunities which are not publicly advertised and are part of the ‘hidden job market’. 

Finally we tackle face-to-face interview performance as well as succeeding at remote interviews, which tap into the latest technologies. We will ensure that attendees can provide well-prepared, thought-out, and structured responses to questions, with confidence, in line with the most common style of interview, which includes competency-based questions. 

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

LinkedIn - Step-by-step Guide

A perfect workhsop for individuals looking to develop their LinkedIn profile and online presence. The workshop guides the attendee through; building an impactful profile, learning how to use the job search tab, understanding how to leverage connections and network effectively, plus the advantages of engaging with posts and driving traffic to your profile. The workshop considers LinkedIn for; networking, job searching, developing and sustaining a quality network, and infiltrating the hidden market with approx. 60-80% of roles not advertised within the private sector.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Mastering Interviews

Those experiencing a period of career change will find the Mastering Interviews workshop ideal. The course will refresh existing interview skills and ensure that all attendees are equipped to deal with the modern-day interview. The workshop will cover navigating both face-to-face interview performance as well as succeeding at remote interviews, which tap into the latest technologies. We ensure attendees can provide well-prepared, thought-out and structured responses to questions with confidence in line with the most common style of interview, which includes competency-based questions. Not only will the practical aspect of structuring answers, common tricky questions and interview barriers be discussed, but the workshop will also address topics such as common interview fears and anxieties and how to handle them. Attendees will learn the art of resilience and communicating openly with a recruiter to gain constructive feedback post-interview, to use as a building block for further growth improvement in interview performance.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Maximising Impact in a New Role

This workshop prepares attendees for their first day in a new role and navigates them through a successful onboarding and probationary period. Receiving a job offer is usually followed by feelings of relief and elation, however, for some, this can still be a daunting time as they ponder their new beginnings. A new employee will face a new environment, many new faces, new processes and ways of working and a new set of challenges. It’s natural to feel nervous, however, there are many things that can be done to make the transition into the new working environment as seamless as possible. During this workshop, we will look at how to formulate a personalised 90-day plan and how this plan can be used, ensuring immediate impact, success and longevity in the new role for the individual and business.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Navigating Assessment Centres and Psychometrics

Assessment centres and psychometrics can create anxiety, so we explore their use in the interview process. Recruiters are keen to ensure that their recruitment practices are as robust as possible and often use these methods to gather evidence of a candidate’s skills in action. Exercises simulated at assessment centres typically tend to reflect the type of activities performed as part of the role being applied for, however the key difference is that individuals will be performing under exam conditions. Psychometric testing allows a recruiter to understand a candidate’s personality and behaviours, to ascertain the candidate whose skills best match the role, and whether they are the right fit for the organisation based on their values. Whilst assessment centres and psychometric testing can be daunting, a clear understanding will ensure that attendees feel more confident and are able to prepare thoroughly to ensure they deliver an effective and well-rounded performance.

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]

Taking Control of Your Career Direction

Taking Control of Your Career Direction and Exploring Change Workshop is recommended for those evaluating their career direction. Often when experiencing a period of change within our careers comes the inevitable question; ‘Am I on the right career path?’ Considering a change of direction can feel overwhelming, identifying alternative industries can be daunting. This workshop will guide attendees in the generation of potential career path routes, and the understanding of how to formulate a plan and set measurable goals, which will assist them with meeting their personal career objectives. We will provide attendees with tangible tools and exercises to conduct an in-depth skills analysis, which can then be used alongside their personal objectives so that they are able to objectively evaluate whether their career transition should include a change of direction at this time, or in the future. We also explore the common barriers experienced when considering a change of career direction and how those barriers can be challenged, navigated, and overcome to achieve career satisfaction. 

For a more detailed overview of our workshops, please get in touch; + 44 (0) 1604 744 101, [email protected]



What is your approach to Learning and Development?


Developing the skills of your employees so that they are agile and confident to lead through and manage change successfully is a powerful learning experience and one that can have a lasting impact on ongoing personal and organisational success. 
We have a suite of high-quality learning and development solutions aimed at embedding the skills and behaviours essential for success. Engaging and immersive, our personal and performance development topics inspire employees at all levels, enhancing their effectiveness and their contribution to positive business outcomes. 


How are the workshops and courses delivered?


Our learning rooms are available as virtual sessions or as face to face, onsite 'live learning rooms'. The aims, objectives and outcomes are consistent across both delivery methods – but the durations differ.


What technology is used to deliver virtual workshops or courses?


We utilise the best technology available – our virtual workshops are delivered across a range of platforms to best suit the topic and the organisation's requirements.

They have been designed to deliver a real 'in the room' experience with each topic incorporating high levels of interaction and participation to ensure maximum engagement. We want each delegate to walk away with new and increased experience, skills and ability.


What kind of learning activities can a participant expect to get involved in?


Both virtual and face2face workshops include interactive elements such as polls, breakout sessions, group discussions, case studies and strengths-based activities to ensure participants leave the session with a greater depth of knowledge and practical skills that can be put to immediate use back in the working environment.


How has Working Transitions developed the learning rooms?


The content within our learning rooms has been developed by industry-leading experts, people with real-world skills that can pull on tried and tested practical experiences coupled with models and frameworks to support understanding and knowledge.

Our highly creative Instructional Designers incorporate a learning psychology angle to ensure each participant not only understands the learning point but knows what to do with it.


I can't see the topic I'm interested in in the Ignite brochure


Get in touch here! Our catalogue is ever-evolving, and your chosen topic may be in the design phase. We are able to develop client-specific content and are open to amending existing topics to suit exact requirements.

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