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At Working Transitions, we believe in the power of people to transform the success of every organisation.  We know that when people are motivated and happy at work it creates better businesses and better lives.

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WT in the Press: Understanding Mental Health Issues

Author: Caroline Moore, MD
Publication: Training Journal

Mental health-related absence is the most common cause of long-term sickness absence in UK workplaces, and unfortunately, the trend continues. With employees adjusting to new working models and the speed to change impacting roles and expectations, many are struggling...MORE

Is coaching the key to avoiding attrition?

The 2021 Work Trend Index, published by Microsoft, shows that a staggering 41% of the global workforce is likely to consider leaving their current employer within the next year. 

Reasons vary – from overwork and burnout, to shrinking networks and siloed teams. With the exodus to remote or hybrid working models resulting in more flexibility and opportunities for job seekers than ever before, attrition rates look set to sky rocket. After...MORE

**NEW** SnapDragon suite enhances outplacement participant experience

Working Transitions are delighted to announce the launch of SnapDragon –

a brand new suite of dynamic and intuitive outplacement tools to enhance the participant experience and increase success rates. Designed specifically for those experiencing career transition, the SnapDragon suite is intelligent, simple to navigate and easy to use....MORE

The Human Value Proposition Forum - Recording

The pandemic has impacted employees across multiple levels -

altering priorities and bringing into sharp focus expectations for both career fulfilment and the psychological contract between employer and employee. A recent report from Gartner identifies how the pandemic has changed the relationship between people and...MORE

How to manage resistance to coaching

Unless you’ve personally benefited from coaching it can be difficult to fully understand its value and purpose. Its not unusual for people to think its “fluffy” or even to feel offended that it’s been offered to them.

It’s actually helpful when people at least vocalise their resistance as, sometimes, you just meet with passivity – putting off meetings with their coach or attending sessions but never actually changing their behaviour as result of coach input, so your...MORE

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food manufacturing organisation - restructure

Published - 22/10/2020

A major manufacturer underwent a significant market change leading to an ongoing downsizing and restructuring programme across UK production sites. support Working...MORE

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