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WT in the Press Enabling a new era of 'in the moment' coaching

Added - 20/09/2021

Author: Lynne Hardman, CEO Publication: Training Zone

**BRAND NEW** PowerAmp Coaching

Added - 15/09/2021

We are delighted to be launching PowerAmp coaching in the UK.  

Making Coaching scalable, measurable and more cost-effective than ever before

Added - 20/09/2021

Our brand new and unique workplace coaching solution PowerAmp Coaching combines the benefits of our vast coaching expertise with the very latest developments in science and technology.

Do we REALLY need to offer Outplacement support?

Added - 07/09/2021

With furlough end looming, September will be a month for making critical decisions in many organisations.

Back to the Future: Reevaluating your Employer Value Proposition

Added - 06/09/2021

The importance of re-evaluating your employer value proposition in a changed world of work

Today’s workplace - the post Furlough dilemmas our clients are facing

Added - 06/08/2021

After 18 months and numerous extensions, the Furlough scheme is coming to an end on 30 September.  

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