Career Transition


Starting a new job or returning to work after a period of absence can be a challenging time.

Without the right support, it can take a long time to get up to speed and to feel like you really belong and are contributing to your full potential. 

Onboarding new employees in the first 90 days is critical, coaching support can help them to find their feet quickly, remove the barriers and anxieties that can hold them back, and allow them to unleash their very best.

A quick and positive start means happier, more confident, higher performing employees and a more valued employment brand.

“I was feeling very nervous about coming back to work after having my first baby. The coaching support has really helped me to regain my confidence in my abilities and to settle back into being an effective member of the team.”

To help organisations make great onboarding a core part of who they are, we also offer workshops for managers so they can confidently onboard new members and returners seamlessly and effectively into their teams. A simple and cost effective way to invest in the long term performance of your team. To get the best out of new employees, you need the best onboarding process brought to life.



What does onboarding support include?


Depending upon the service selected, interventions may include:

  • Individual, tailored career coaching
  • Group learning rooms on a wide range of subjects
  • Full access to the interactive tools and resources within our market-leading career portal 'SnapDragon'
  • An unrivalled schedule of virtual career workshops
  • Practical e-learning across a range of subjects especially designed for those experiencing career transition 


What is Working Transitions' approach to Onboarding a new team member?


Our onboarding solutions have been designed to provide maximum flexibility and personalised support – whilst respecting your budget.

Choose from our Monthly Support Programme, offering unlimited support over a fixed period, our Flexible Support Programme which provides a wide choice of service options or Forward Momentum, our cost-effective, online solution. With 3 distinct service levels in each programme – Advance, Accelerate and Progress - we've made it easy to tailor support to suit individual needs and objectives - and to suit your organisation's budget. 

Our team can talk you through costs and help to design a service that delivers the best results for you and your people.


How can I ensure successful employee Onboarding across all levels?


Our Onboarding programmes are designed to offer choice and flexibility and individuals can tailor their programme of support according to their own needs whilst working within a pre-agreed budget. We recognise that each person's career path is different and so we offer access to a wide range of services to allow individuals to select the support most relevant to their needs and career goals, ensuring the organisation achieves effective employee Onboarding.


Do I need to refer a minimum number of individuals for Onboarding Support?


No, we have no minimum numbers required for support. We work with many clients who have small, ad-hoc requests for our support. Whether your requirement is just for one person or many thousands, we can provide an appropriate programme. Irrespective of the numbers involved all your people will receive a personalised introduction and tailored approach to our services.


Can you provide Onboarding support to individuals overseas?


Yes - as part of the Career Partners International Network, we can guarantee the same high-quality support, with local knowledge and expertise, wherever your participants are in the world. We have successfully partnered to deliver many projects in USA, EMEA and APAC. 


How does Covid-19 Impact Onboarding Support?


Our focus during the pandemic and its associated restrictions is to continue to support positive long-term outcomes for all of our programme participants, whilst doing our utmost to respect priorities and minimise the short-term health risk.

All of our career transition and coaching services can be delivered remotely via webinar, telephone, Skype or FaceTime during this challenging time. Participants can be assured of the same high standards as our face to face services.

As well as adding additional topics to our virtual learning rooms and career workshops, we have increased communication with our participants to include relevant and topical news, articles, insights and recorded webinars from our highly experienced team.

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