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Today's business landscape is complex – growth, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and downsizing can mean promotion, redeployment and redundancy. For organisations to thrive through change, impactful and agile solutions are needed.

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"The feedback from our teams who have worked with Working Transitions is always fantastic - helpful, informative and impactful. Contact is made quickly with support offered all the way through the journey. I’m really pleased with the services offered and would highly recommend to others."

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Outplacement // UK Manufacturing

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People are the most powerful enablers of organisational performance. Our services are designed to empower people to contribute to business success by demonstrating their full potential, being resilient and adaptable in the face of challenges and feeling in control of their careers. 

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"After almost 20 years I was faced with redundancy, and thanks to Rob and his excellent 121 sessions around what my skills are, and how to answer interview questions. I successfully had a new job to start after my redundancy finished thanks to Rob and his...MORE

WT in the Press: The business case for outplacement

Author: Lynne Hardman, CEO of Working Transitions
Publication: HRNews 
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After a challenging year, change is inevitable. As of February 2021, atleast 4.7 million workers were on a furlough scheme. Not all of these workers will have jobs to return to as businesses try and adjust to a ‘new normal.’ Many businesses will be making...MORE

WT in the Press: How to bring staff back from furlough

Contributor: Lynne Hardman, CEO 
Publication: Working Wise
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Employers preparing for the easing of lockdown and the potential return of furloughed workers should ensure employee engagement and clear communications are top of their list, says Lucie Mitchell. With the furlough scheme coming to an end in September, employers...MORE

WT in the Press: Why Covid has taught leaders to value people over profits

Publication: People Management
Author: Lynne Hardman, CEO of Working Transitions

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of maintaining employees’ trust rather than just protecting shareholders’ bank balances, says Lynne Hardman   We have now been living with Covid-19 for more than a year. Around the globe, managers,...MORE

WT in the Press: Life after furlough: reintegrating staff into work

Author: Lynne Hardman, CEO Working Transitions
Publication: Personnel Today

Many of the workers set to return from furlough next week will be feeling anxious, disconnected and possibly resentful. Lynne Hardman outlines how organisations can help them readjust to working life and alleviate any concerns.   As outdoor hospitality and...MORE

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food manufacturing organisation - restructure

Published - 22/10/2020

A major manufacturer underwent a significant market change leading to an ongoing downsizing and restructuring programme across UK production sites. support Working...MORE

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