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This week's testimonials...

Added - 26/02/2021

What our participants are telling us this week... 

“Throughout my dealings with my coach, I found her to be a consummate professional. I felt she worked well with me to personalise my support programme. At all stages I felt her support to be genuine and more personal than I had initially anticipated. This was a benefit for me as I choose her from other coaches for her more holistic approach.”


“I just wanted to say I found our sessions very useful, particularly the initial focus on preparing my CV, which in many ways was interview preparation. We went into the detail of not just what to put on there, but how it might be used or questioned in an interview situation. You also helped me to focus on transferring skills which helped me to secure the role I have now. I liked your approach. Friendly, kind, optimistic and never once did I feel lacking in confidence talking to you.”


“When I started my coaching sessions, I felt completely lost, I didn’t know what I wanted to do next in my career and I felt overwhelmed about having to make such a big decision. However, after several sessions, I now have a much clearer idea of where I would like to be in future. From the beginning my coach has been a tremendous support, which in turn has boosted my confidence massively. During the sessions we’ve had together she has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, helped me revamp my CV to get into a new sector and has supported my preparation for job interviews. Without our sessions I wouldn’t be in the place I am today, and I truly cannot thank her enough for her support. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Grace to anyone who going through a career transition. She really has a way of making you see the light even when it feels incredibly dark.”


“My coach coached me on interview technique and improving my CV and LinkedIn profile. During our coaching sessions I found Grace to be very effective and professional, and her coaching and advice helped me greatly in my job search and job interviews. I would highly recommend her.”


“I have secured a permanent role that I am really happy with and I have no doubt your guidance helped me on my way there. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.”


“I have now found a new role of which fifty six people applied and I was one of eight who were interviewed and successful and will be starting on the 10th May! I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and support. I am 100% certain that your advice and guidance helped me get the interview in the first place, with helping to update my CV as you did and then the advice you gave me on how to approach the interview. The techniques definitely came in handy!”


“My coach was excellent and consistent throughout the whole 5 months job search/decision process, and I have now set up as self-employed ltd contracting company and have just started a 1 year contract. My first interview came 1 month after redundancy and I was unsuccessful, Janice then coached me over the following months to support me in all areas of my job search journey and now successfully moving into a new challenge and different role- I cannot believe I had not taken this step before, thanks to Janice I am now positive and moving forwards in this new challenge.”

“I am now self-employed and working for myself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and patience over the last year. The working from home and dealing with people who have had their lives upturned can’t have been easy. You have been an excellent point of contact and fountain of all knowledge in all of this upheaval. Thank you again.”


“I had heard of Working Transitions and thought maybe they could help with CV writing etc, but this service is so much more. This support programme helped in so many ways – my coach was phenomenal not only did she guide me with everything I needed from a career transition point of view (CV, interview preparation and a plan for starting in my new role) but she was a life coach to me and helped me in so many ways, I can’t thank her enough. My coach guided me every step of the way, and helped me make a huge shift in my life, as I had been with my previous company really for my whole life and felt everything would change but the guidance and support from Trudy was such a great help.


I had an interview pre the support and I was unsuccessful in securing the role, Trudy supported me in working through this giving me confidence and secured my next role! I have spoken to all colleagues to make sure they use this fantastic service, I couldn't have gone through this process without this support thank you.”

“Can not rate this support highly enough the best piece of work my company has commissioned for me in my time with them. All the information is very clear in the introduction, and then to find the company has the expertise and experience in their coaches makes all the difference.”


“It has been an amazing journey and I cannot thank my coach enough. I would describe my journey as: been with my organisation for 15 years I was the caterpillar and now a week before my new journey I am an amazing butterfly. Who is so ready for whatever challenge comes next. This is all down to my coach and I’s relationship and openness he has empowered me in a way I never thought possible.”


“Can’t thank enough all the team members involved in my support, brilliant from start to finish. I had a cv in place but the support and changes made through the coaching had way more impact and views, and resulted in much more interest from companies and gained me interviews of which I am waiting to hear back from 2 companies this week with offers.”


“A very challenging time due to Covid, with many industries not hiring. The programme kept me focused and kept me in touch with the changing requirements employer are looking for, using the tools available.”

"Thanks for yet another great session. I feel so motivated after each session and we always achieve so much. I’ve been telling all my friends about our sessions and even teaching them about Linkedin! You are truly amazing, thank you!"


"Thank you for picking my CV up so swiftly and at the last minute. It's a huge improvement! I really like the way you've changed the tense from past to present - it makes me sound far more dynamic. In fact you've made me sound rather FAB and you've got it inside the word count. You're a complete star!"


"My coach was very good really helpful and had consistent follow up through out the coaching. I hadn't perused a job for 35 years therefore having the up to date knowledge and expertise and those little hints and tricks to bring my CV and LinkedIn where it needed to be really helped."


“Outplacement support is such a great idea for anyone at any point in their careers its an invaluable service and support I can not recommend this service highly enough. Brilliant support from my coach Sue - lots of advice and help with regards to going self employed and this really cemented in my mind that this was the pathway I would take, I am now self employed running my own company such a positive experience.”


“As I’d secured a new role in a different field before commencing the programme I took advantage of coaching for onboarding and supporting me into my new role within a new company and field. I would definitely recommend and have already with 3 of my previous colleagues.”


“My coach was amazing!! Such a huge support in such a difficult time, really knew her stuff and put me at ease during the whole process. She really helped me with my CV and interview answers, couldn't recommend her enough! Just fantastic overall! Can't recommend my coach, Jenny, enough. she was such a help during a really difficult time, not sure I would have found a job so soon without her guidance.”


“100% recommend this service and Sharon and Sam - what lovely human beings. The coaching from Sharon was amazing she always checked in and kept the contact consistent, this coaching really helped me with all the small details you don’t even think about that can make a huge impact especially in this world of virtual job searching/interviewing and the coaching even helped with my mindset and focus.”


“My Personal Career Manager gave great insight and perspective and really helped me put this transition into context. This whole process has really helped me not be so tough on myself and set a real positive mindset in moving forward.”


"I was unemployed for 299 days. In that period I experienced the darkest times I ever thought possible. I lost all self belief, self confidence and, following rejection after rejection, self worth. I slipped into an abyss. While I was sinking into the void a few people pushed their hands into the deep waters and pulled me back. You were one of those incredible people. I so looked forward to our conversations. Nobody tells you how lonely it can be, sitting for ten hours a day, talking to no-one and despite all the messages out, getting nothing in return. Our chats offered regular beacons of light in the dark days. They became invaluable and essential to me and my self-esteem. You gave me continuous support and encouragement. Simply talking with you had such a huge impact. I can’t thank you enough for that support you gave me. You are incredible. You may say “it’s just my job”, but I believe you did more than that for me. You gave me a reason to believe in myself and you gave me hope."


"I would like to Thank you for your help in writing my CV and with interview techniques. I’ve never felt proud of my CV, and that’s all thanks to you! You helped me build the confidence which I never thought I had. The day I was told about my redundancy I felt like my life had turned upside down after 23 years with my organisation. One day I broke down on the phone with Debbie, she made me feel at ease knowing I would get support from the Working Transition team. I would most definitely recommend you as a coach."


"The support was very helpful, especially the CV side as there were quite a few a few improvements that i made due to your comments and i think my document definitely sold me much better, although i ended up staying with the business I would recommend the support to others going through the same thing."


“It’s been a pleasure using Working Transitions. My coach was incredibly supportive, always a friendly sounding board and full of boundless positivity. Combined with her practical guidance on navigating the world of recruitment it was a winning formula.”


“Working Transitions has been immensely helpful to me in securing a new job. From helping me update my CV, tips on speculative letters and job applications, to practising my interview technique, she’s been there every step of the way. I felt hugely supported with my career manager, Jemma by my side. I thoroughly recommend Working Transitions to anyone out of work seeking a new role.”


“Portal access was great! This took me through entire processes, documentation and the supporting videos are superb- great prompts to allow you to think and review- combined this worked really well for me.”


“Your service is an important one for anyone transitioning out of a job role, and Paul should be commended for the role he plays and valuable advice that he provides. He is a credit to your organisation.”


"This team of people are amazing!! They have helped me refine my skill set and shown me where and how to focus to see where I want to go with my career. They helped build my confidence and at the end of the programme I felt like…tick, tick, tick I’ve achieved everything and I’m ready!!"



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