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No McHappy ending for McDonalds CEO

McDonald's has fired its chief executive Steve Easterbrook after he had a relationship with an employee. Despite the relationship being consensual, the fast-food restaurant said that Easterbrook had shown "poor judgement" whilst violating company policy.

It is not rare for co-workers to become romantically involved - spending hours together every day can cause sparks to fly. But – particularly in light of the ‘me too’ movement, many organisations see internal relationships as an area of risk that could potentially blur lines and cause reputational damage. Many organisations – including McDonald’s – write into their policies that personal relationships with colleagues are not acceptable.

High ranking individuals – particularly those working for household names - who indulge in such wrongdoing make for great headlines. Easterbrook’s misdemeanour has been splashed across every newspaper, news site and social media platform in the UK. Coupled with an imposed ban to stop him working for a competitor for the next two years, Easterbrook could face challenges when seeking his next role.

Should McDonald’s support Easterbrook?

Although under no obligation to provide outplacement, making support available to help Easterbrook into his next role could defuse a potentially contentious situation and enhance McDonald's reputation as a great employer.

Our ARC Executive Outplacement Programme supports executives faced with career transition to find the right next step for them – no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Traditional outplacement programmes focus on moving an individual into a new employed role. And for many, that’s the right thing. For executives, however, a varied skillset and experience of working at a senior level across many echelons of an organisation mean that exploring alternative career options can be both appealing and realistic.

Career transition is a time of reflection – and often a change of direction – particularly when a career has come to an ‘unexpected’ or premature end. Our hand-curated programme is completely tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual to fully support the achievement of goals.

A careful diagnostic session assesses the individual situation, needs, goals and timescales. This drives the creation of a comprehensive strategic plan tailored to precise needs - clear measurement of programme deliverables, tracking of milestones and continuous momentum ensures that opportunities are maximised for success within today’s dynamic employment landscape.

We are passionate about delivering the interventions that executives need – exactly when they need them.

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Working Transitions
07 November 2019
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