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UK manufacturing organisation - outplacement

Added - 27/11/2020

This major manufacturing organisation experienced a significant market change resulting in a rationalisation of its UK workforce. This included site closures, sale of business units and considerable restructuring. Over a 2-3 year period, over 500 employees were impacted, all with limited skills and experience.
Many employees fell within the age profile of 40-50 years old, meaning that their skills and experience around interviewing and creating their CV was limited.

Working Transitions created a programme that fully engaged employees and made them aware of how much support was on offer. Practical help and advice was provided to help them to apply themselves to a new job role. Support was provided for outplacement, redeployment, TUPE Transfer and early retirement support.
Employees felt fully supported by the on-site resource centre, which provided support during the 'at risk' and consultation phase.

Working Transitions ensured that all employees were catered for by providing varied and flexible approaches suitable for a range of employees with different skill sets, learning styles, tenure and support requirements.

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