newly promoted leader


Global engineering company identified a talented manager for promotion. The manager was technically proficient, highly committed and experienced but it was felt that he lacked the necessary impact and credibility to be considered fully ready for an MD role. The individual was struggling with managing upwards and structuring his talented team effectively. The individual did not recognise that he needed to develop his interpersonal and communication style to create a more positive personal impact.


Coaching Support: 

Over a series of one to one sessions with an experienced executive coach, the manager increased his self-awareness and the coach helped him to develop some techniques to create a greater impact when dealing at Group Board level. Alongside this, the coach provided a practical framework which helped him to evaluate his own team and identify the most effective ways to engage and develop those individuals for mutual benefit.



The manager significantly developed his interpersonal skills and gained promotion into a very high profile MD role for a part of the business that had been struggling. He subsequently successfully turned this part of the business around. In addition, his experience of being coached enabled him to improve his coaching skills with his own team.


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