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Organisational change is undeniably challenging. Reasons for failure vary but, typically, they have one thing in common – a focus on the change process rather than the people affected. Our powerful and holistic suite of tools are designed to support every stage of the change journey. Timely, relevant and tailored support programmes can greatly increase the chances of success.


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Person Transition Workstrand Lead,
Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Services

"The £1Bn HMCTS Reform programme will provide an ongoing period of change for individuals. The significant reduction in staff over the lifetime of the programme and the requirement for redeployment or potential redundancy, will require employees to be resilient and confident to take ownership of their career development.

By implementing the principles of providing career transition earlier, the aim of HMCTS is to provide employees with the choice to maximise the opportunities that will become available, with the result being a settled and committed workforce delivering the best justice system in the world." 

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The Working Transitions 'Change Engine' is a powerful and holistic suite of interventions designed to support every stage of the change journey – from leading and preparing for change through to re-engaging your remaining workforce. The Change Engine counteracts disruptive de-railers that organisations experience as they move through change and offers high impact support to leaders, managers and employees.

supporting change at every step

When introduced at the right stage, the optimum combination of support can have a lasting impact on morale, engagement and productivity - greatly increasing the chances of a successful change journey. We will work with you to select the approach that best suits your change programme for maximum impact, flexibility and value.

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what is the Change Engine?


The Change Engine is a logical and streamlined suite of powerful and impactful interventions that drive a successful change journey.  Offering support to leaders and managers even before the change is announced, right through to the re-engagement of remaining employees post-event, The Change Engine prevents the de-railers that can sabotage a successful change project and ensures that the workforce that remains is both productive and engaged.  


what are the stages of a successful change project?


To avoid some of the most common de-railers – lack of communication, Chinese whispers, loss of productivity, increased absence to name a few - support in the following areas can prove invaluable:
Leading a Successful Change Journey – Coaching, workshops and resources for leaders and managers to communicate and lead through the change.  The foundation for success. 
Preparing for change and exploring options – Awareness sessions to explain the change, presentations to highlight the support available and a range of impactful tools and resources via our market leading change engine portal.
Outplacement – career coaching, CV reviews, workshops on an unrivalled range of career transition subjects, e-learning and ongoing emotional and practical support helps those that are leaving your organisation move onto a bright and progressive future.
Re-engage – 1:1 and Team coaching, workshops to drive future career success and ongoing tools to continue to support wellbeing.


why do so many change programmes fail?


In our opinion, it's because of a focus on the process of change – rather than the people involved.  If you don't have your people on side, you run the risk of early derailment of your project.  If you don't properly engage and support your people, you can expect to see:
Lack of communication – Chinese whispers, poor understanding and catastrophising
Concerns across the wider organisation – including your unaffected population
Disengagement – and the loss of key talent
Increased absence
Loss of productivity
Disruptive behaviours
Time issues – HR and Management time taken up with people issues
Reputational damage
Difficulty attracting new talent


do I need to use all of the Change Engine tools?


Not necessarily – every organisation is different – we will work closely with you to establish which tools will have the most impact in your organisation and across your change project.  Get in touch with the team for a no obligation chat about YOUR change engine programme. 


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