Having an open and honest culture where employees are encouraged to feedback concerns to management is always a good idea.  When an employee is leaving the organisation – regardless of the reason – a robust exit interview can result in valuable information that can shape future processes and strategies.

Conducting a professional, objective exit interview provides “closure” for the employee, ensures they feel valued and creates an opportunity to leave with a positive view.  With the growth of social media and online review sites such as Glassdoor, employer reputation is more important than ever before.  Allowing a ‘sounding board’ can dissipate any feelings of frustration and, if they feel listened to, employees are less likely to vent their concerns elsewhere.

The traditional approach of a meeting with HR or a line manager can limit the quality of feedback. No matter what assurances of confidentiality are given, many departing employees are concerned that negative responses may adversely affect their references.

A skilled, impartial, third party interviewer can encourage employees to provide genuinely valuable and insightful feedback.  

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